Online TV Shows and Series


The internet has changed the way we do things and this ranges from the way we shop, get medical services, bank our money, and entertain ourselves. It follows that if you still rely on getting the latest TV shows and series from your local video store, then be assured that you’re running behind the pack in the world of entertainment.

Below are a number of pointers to enable you to shift your attention to online movie platforms:

Goodbye Camera Copies

old projectorIt’s hard to believe that there are people who still watch camera copies. These are degenerate movies that are made by holding a camera to a TV or to a cinema screen. The movies or TV shows are then packaged and sold as new blockbusters to unsuspecting movie enthusiasts. Steer of this practice as it lowers your movie watching experience given that the picture and sound quality are usually terrible.

Before the advent of online movie streaming, people would watch camera copies because they found it difficult to wait for the official release of a specific movie, TV show, or series. This has, however, become an archaic means to entertainment since you can watch top-rated TV shows and series a couple seconds after their official release.

Entertainment Notification

Whenever you’re signing up on an online movie entertainment platform, you can choose to receive regular notifications on the latest releases via e-mail. This means that if you’re into TV shows and series that are often made and released on a piecemeal basis, you can get e-mail notifications on the release of the TV shows or series episode by episode.

Note that many of these notifications are usually sent out on a weekly basis and you can bank on them to create a healthy entertainment schedule for your family. There are online movie platforms that send the notifications via home-based entertainment decoders with the Internet of Things (IoT) features. This means that the decoders can use the notification e-mail as a download trigger, making it possible for you to have an automated way to download the latest TV shows and series whether you’re home or away.

Free and Accessible

There are people who shy away from free online entertainment sites because they don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the copyright laws. This is commendable as it encourages the fight against piracy-related activities that usually kill production houses and demoralize talent. It’s, however, prudent to note that this isn’t usually the case whenever you sign-up with a premium online entertainment platform.

Though many of these sites allow you to watch the latest TV shows and series free of charge, they make money off advertisement gigs. They are subsequently able to pay the production houses their due royalties. Note that some of the online movie streaming services are commissioned by the production houses themselves and sold to the public on a global scale as cable entertainment services that you can access from any part of the world – taking the legal accessibility aspects of online entertainment to another level.